Apartment Amsterdam including baby-sitting

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Call from the Finnish society in Amsterdam for checking if any have tips on finding housing to a Finnish student girl in Amsterdam. Our 19-year daughter Inka is starting her business admin. studies in the university of Amsterdam in September and she is naturally in the queue for the student housing, however so far no progress. Also the rest of the housing market seems very challenging as not so many are ready to rent to student(s), especially for a reasonable cost.

We are primarily looking for a studio / one room or alternatively a 2-4 BR apartment, as she knows a couple of other Finnish students with the same challenge. To start with she could even consider renting an extra room at someone’s home and in return do some baby-sitting for kids as part of the rental payment on her spare time (she has plenty of experience of kids as she has been leading scout groups and worked in scout camps etc for years as part of her hobby). Goes without saying she is well-behaving and responsible girl, non-smoker, does not use much alcohol, no drugs.

Any tips and ideas for her apartment hunt is most welcome!
Anu Nummi
HR VP Finland & Baltics
Europe Operations
Schneider Electric
M +358 40 556 3568
E anu.nummi@schneider-electric.com