Finland 100 Foundation is creating a Birch tree park

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Fins berkenbos in Nederland

The Silver Birch is the Finnish national tree. With its white stem and light crown, the roots of the silver birch go deep into the Finnish nature and culture. Over the years, the Finns have used the silver birch for myriad of purposes, ranging from shoes and bags to the mineral-rich birch sap drink. The birch also contributes to a sustainable environment by capturing carbon dioxide and in return provides raw material for construction, furniture and chemical industry.

As tribute to Finland’s big year and the close community of eager Finns in the Netherlands, the Finland 100 Foundation is creating a Finland 100 park in the Haarlemmermeer. Now there is a chance for you to leave your own mark in the park!
In close collaboration with various players, we are creating a Finnish birch park in a recreational region close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. A 200 meter birch lane will lead to the park of 1.000 birches which will be in a form of the Finnish cross flag. The park will open in November and is open for public. In the near future a facility, including a restaurant and possibly a sauna, will be built on the property.

We invite you to adopt trees in this unique park; for yourself, for your partner, children, grandchildren, parents, friends or anyone you wish. With a donation of € 40 we can plant one tree, with € 70 two, with € 90 three and with € 100 we will plant four trees. Every birch more is € 25 a piece. There will be an opening ceremony in November to which every donor is sent an invitation. Donators will also receive a certificate and persons linked to the trees will be made public in the park

Let us know by e-mail ( how many trees you would like to donate accompanied with the names to whom you would like to donate a tree.

Join us in making this park together!